If your land is directly joined to anybody else’s, you will have to contact your neighbors about a fence being installed. If you are going to share a fence, you are going to need to ensure that they are happy with the adjustments you are going to make – after all, half of the fence will be facing into their yard! 

Different rules and regulations apply to different areas, so you need to contact your local municipality or homeowners association (HOA) to determine what you can and can’t do in regards to fencing.

Unfortunately, we cannot locate your property line on your behalf. You will need to take a look at the paperwork for your home, or consult your neighbor, and come to a conclusion of where your property line lies. If you find that you and your neighbor cannot come to an agreement in regards to property lines, you will need to contact a surveyor to get an official answer.

Of course! We won’t fit a fence without knowing where the utilities lie in relation to your property. We contact blue stakes prior to arriving to ensure our holes don’t damage any thing buried underground.

All our fences come with a manufacture warranty. If anything gets damaged, outside of neglegence or natural disasters, they will replace it.